Ear protection is so important for people that are regularly exposed to loud sounds. Whether you attend motorsport events, work in the music industry, or just enjoy a spot of gardening with all your noisy tools; you need to protect your ears. Fail to do so, and you won’t have good hearing for long.

There are plenty of ear protection options out there, and they’re all extremely effective in their own right. Most of the time, you can purchase ear protection online from general outlets like Amazon, etc. However, an audiologist won’t always recommend this. Instead, they’ll suggest you get custom ear protection. This is ear protection that’s been made especially for you, rather than just a generic one from a regular store.

Why do they suggest this? Because there are many benefits to getting custom protection for your ears. In this post, we’ll take a look at what they are:

They offer more effective protection

The big bonus of custom ear protection is that they’re more effective than the alternative. Audiologists will say this is because they’re designed for your specific ears. This means they fit them better, which helps block out as much sound as possible. With non-custom ear protection, it’s sometimes hard to find things that fit your ears correctly, and sound can sometimes leak through. Seeing as they’re custom made, they will adapt to your natural movements a lot better as well. So, when you talk or chew food, the ear protection doesn’t budge and let the sound come through.

They’re a more comfortable option

Most people are aware that they need ear protection, and yet they still avoid getting it. Even after regular appointments with their audiologist, they still refuse to wear earplugs – or other things – because they’re not comfortable. It simply feels horrible wearing the protection, so they choose to go without it entirely. On the other hand, with custom ear protection, you have things that fit so much better. This means you barely notice them when they’re in place, so you’re more likely to wear them often.

They can be made to your demands

The thing with ear protection is that different people need different kinds of protection. Some people may want to block out all sound entirely, while others just need to lower the sound level in an area. It can be tough to find ear protection that caters to your exact need unless you choose a custom variety. Your ear protection can be configured to your exact demands, giving you the protection you need. What’s more, you could get different protection made for different environments, depending on what you do.

The majority of the time, custom ear protection requires you to visit an audiologist and have impressions taken of your ears. This lets them create a mold of your ear, and design the protection to fit it perfectly. It obviously takes longer than just buying something online, but it’s clearly the better option. If you’re someone that definitely requires ear protection, then it’s strongly suggested you get a custom variety made.