It’s hard to determine what the best style of hearing aid is because everyone’s hearing needs are different. The best way to answer this question is to know what your hearing needs are and what works best for you. Knowing that will help you determine what the best style of hearing aid is for you. Here are the different types of hearing aids available and you and your audiologist can determine which one suits your needs the best.

In the Ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids will sit in the outer bowl of your ear. An impression of your ear will be taken by your audiologist, and they will then custom craft a device for you that will fit snugly in your ear. These devices are also made in a variety of skin tone colors so that they blend perfectly with your natural complexion. These hearing aids can be placed far in your ear or closer to the opening of your ear canal depending on your hearing needs. 

Behind the Ear (BTE)

These hearing aids are placed behind your ear and they are very obvious. The device is dome shaped or custom fit and they have a series of tubing that carries the sound from the world into your ear canal. Many people choose this style because of their hearing needs and because the device will not block your ear canal. This device comes in different skin and hair tones if you want to be more discreet or you can get them in a variety of patterns and colors to add flare to your style. 

In the Canal (ITC)

These types of hearing aids sit in the opening of the ear canal and have several advantages. Because of where they are located, they can help aid in various types of hearing loss. They are also larger in size and can have other features like a volume wheel and directional microphones. There are other derivations of canal-worn hearing aids which offer even more privacy if that is an important factor in your decision.

Invisible in Canal (IIC) and Completely in Canal (CIC)

IIC are hearing aids that are virtually invisible. These are a great option for those who don’t want anyone to see they are using a hearing device. IIC is so deep in the ear, there is a pullout string the wearer must use to get the device out of the ear. CIC devices are also popular, but they are not that deep in the ear. These devices are best for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. 

Only your audiologist can evaluate what level of hearing loss you are experiencing and which devices will work best with your specific needs and wants. Work together to find out what works best for your needs and find the perfect hearing aid.