When choosing a hearing aid, you and your audiologist will need to consider a wide range of factors. There are so many hearing aid styles and models out there today, and there will always be one that is most suitable for you, regardless of the extent of your hearing loss or any other lifestyle factors that might come into play.

A common hearing aid is the ITC, or in-the-canal, which is preferred by many people for a range of reasons. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the major advantages of ITC hearing aids, and see whether they could be the right option for you.

What is the ITC hearing aid?

An in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid fits into the ear canal directly, and is generally preferred by individuals who want their device to be subtle and discreet. They can still provide a very powerful sound enhancement for good hearing purposes, despite their small size, and they are easily one of the most popular hearing aids out there today.


As we have seen already, ITC hearing aids are generally extremely discreet, meaning that they are the perfect option if you are keen for your hearing aid to be hard to see. It would require someone looking into your ear canal directly and very closely to be able to spot it at all – especially as you can usually make them blend in with your skin tone perfectly too. The best option for a subtle hearing aid that nobody will know is even there.

Perfect fit

Because they are made from a mold of your inner ear, ITC hearing aids are always an absolutely perfect fit. That is not only a nice feeling of having a bespoke device made just for you – it also means that it is as comfortable as you could possibly hope for. With that level of comfort, you can easily complete your day's tasks without any worry regarding your hearing aids. 

Powerful yet small

You might think that a smaller device such as this could not be all that powerful. But the truth is that these days, these devices can be very powerful indeed, even when they are this small. That’s great news for you, as it means that you are going to get exactly the sound enhancement you need, and your hearing is going to be just as you need it to be.

Convenient features

They also tend to come with a lot of convenient features that can greatly improve your experience. For instance, there is often a telecoil function, allowing you to tune out background noises when you are on the phone or in a busy public place like a store.

As you can see, the ITC is a great hearing aid. Speak to your audiologist today to find out more or to book a fitting.