When you have hearing aids, it’s important to take good care of them because you want them to stay in tip-top shape. Here are some great hearing aid tips to help you keep your devices as close in quality to the day you first got them. 

Keep Them Clean

Firstly, keep them clean. This is the best way of ensuring that your modern hearing aid devices are going to perform properly and that most importantly, is going to be safe for you to put them in your ears. Your ears are very sensitive, regardless of whether you experience a loss of sound or not. So, whatever dirt that collects on the hearing aids, will likely cause you ear infections and issues with your ears if they’re sitting in your ears day in and day out.

Try to keep them completely clean or dirty and that you’ve taken the time to inspect them and clean them before placing them in your ears. It’s a quick task that you can do every morning before you put them in and before going to bed.

Store The Hearing Devices Correctly

Your hearing aid devices need to be stored correctly and with that being said, it’s important to ensure you have the right storage appliance to put them in. Ideally, they might be something you get provided with by the audiologist or something you purchase on top of the hearing aids. 

Any form of storage for your hearing aids needs to be free from moisture and also in a cool place. So, storing them in an airtight container in your bedside drawer might be a good option. 

Avoid Moisture & Heat

One of the major problems that can come with devices is their vulnerabilities to moisture and heat. If they get put near too much excessive heat or exposed to moisture, then it might affect the quality of the device’s performance and this could be a permanent issue, even if it’s only one occasion where this happens. Try being more conscious about where you’re leaving your hearing aids when you take them out. Also try to take care with what you’re exposing them too when they’re in your ear.

Conserve Battery Power

Conserving battery power is important and so it’s necessary to turn off the devices when you’re not using them, so one of the scenarios could be when you’re about to go to bed or perhaps when you’re going swimming and need to leave them out. By conserving battery power, they’ll not only last longer but it’ll also mean there’s less points at which you’ll need to spend the time taking the old batteries out and putting the new ones in.

These hearing aid tips are certainly helpful when it comes to looking after the devices, so make sure you keep an eye on them when they’re not in your ears. Be conscious of how well you keep them clean and what you can do to improve their longevity.