Are you in the hunt for a hearing aid to help you communicate, listen, and participate fully in activities? There are different types and styles to choose from depending on your preference, cosmetic concerns, and degree of hearing loss. BTE hearing aids stand for "behind-the-ear" and sit on the top or behind the outer ear. They are among the most versatile and help almost all kinds of hearing loss for people of all ages.

More about BTE hearing aids and how they work

BTE hearing aids have a plastic case that fits inside your outer ear through a plastic earmold connection. Your canal holds the electronic parts allowing sound to travel from the hearing aid, through the earmold, to your ear. Whether you are suffering from mild or severe hearing loss at any age, an audiologist can recommend this device.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the BTE. An open-fit hearing aid is a new kind of BTE that fits your ear canal completely. A narrow tube goes into your ear canal allowing it to stay open. Inform your audiologist if you experience earwax buildup as open-fit BTE hearing aids are a perfect fit in such circumstances.

How to get them

Hearing aids are applicable in both noisy and quiet situations. If you discover that you might be experiencing hearing loss, visit your physician, who will recommend you to a reputable audiologist. An audiologist is a hearing professional who measures and identifies hearing loss. They do so by performing a hearing test to assess the degree and kind of loss.

Before you purchase, get a check-up for both ears. In the case where you’re experiencing hearing loss in both, your audiologist will recommend two hearing aids. They will also help you choose the most suitable hearing aids and adjust them to your liking.

Benefits of BTE hearing aids

They are among the most common hearing aids recommended by audiologists, and for good reasons.

  • Come in different colors: If you’re worried about feeling embarrassed when people notice your hearing aids, you can get a color that matches your hair. This way, your hair camouflages the hearing aids making them less noticeable.
  • Have additional features: Most of the BTE hearing aids have multiple features that are tucked neatly behind your ear. Some of these include noise reduction, remote controls, rechargeable batteries, wireless connectivity, synchronization, and directional microphones.
  • Offer the most amplification: BTE hearing aids are the most recommended by audiologists because they offer the best solution for people experiencing severe hearing loss. If you are experiencing mild or moderate hearing loss, you can adjust the volume to suit you.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes: You can choose power, standard, or mini BTE hearing aids depending on those that fit your ear perfectly. A bigger size allows for many features and longevity. BTE hearing aids are also easy to adjust, hold, and clean.
  • Offer high quality and comfort: BTE hearing aids sit comfortably behind your ear instead of deep in your canal. If you want the open-fit, it leaves your ear canal open and lasts longer because it doesn't suffer damage from earwax buildup.

Bottom line

BTE hearing aids offer a solution to hearing loss. If you notice that you're experiencing hearing loss, consult an audiologist to get an assessment and recommendation for the best hearing aids. BTE hearing aids are beneficial because they come in different colors, additional features, sizes, and offer quality and comfort.