Known for their suitability in helping with almost all levels of hearing loss and their relatively simple usage, behind-the-ear hearing aids have risen to prominence through sheer usability. If your audiologist has recently diagnosed hearing loss and recommended a hearing aid as the best form of treatment, it’s worth considering BTE styles. Below, we’ve gathered together a helpful guide to help you better understand BTE hearing aids, as well as the potential pros and cons that these clever devices are able to provide.

The basic design of BTE hearing aids

The design of BTE hearing aids is straightforward and will, for most people, be familiar; BTE hearing aids are one of the classic styles that most imagine when thinking of hearing aids.

The main part of the hearing aid sits in a case directly behind the ear. This casing contains the two vital components of the hearing aid: the amplifier and the microphone. Sounds are then transmitted from the casing via a tube, connected to a mold that sits close to the ear canal.

The pros of BTE hearing aids

  • BTE hearing aids are suitable for most types of hearing loss, ranging from mild to severe
  • Most users find that BTE devices are very comfortable to wear
  • BTE hearing aids also offer outstanding battery life thanks to this style’s greater size and larger battery
  • BTE hearing aids are also easier to maintain, particularly in regard to wax buildup, as the main components are behind the ear rather than close to the ear canal
  • Finally, the larger design and separation of the internal components means BTE hearing aids are less likely to experience issues with feedback

The cons of BTE hearing aids

  • The biggest con of BTE hearing aids is related to their enhanced size and design; as the casing sits behind the ear, BTE hearing aids are the most conspicuous type of hearing aid
  • BTE hearing aids are more susceptible to wind noise than other styles, though this can often be countered with specific features on certain devices
  • Some users find that BTE hearing aids do not offer the best level of sound quality, though this tends to be subjective

Are BTE hearing aids the right choice for you?

BTE hearing aids are fantastically useful devices, offering a flexibility and ease of use that many users greatly appreciate. However, ultimately, the choice as to whether BTE hearing aids are right for you depends on a number of factors, including your lifestyle, your level of hearing loss and your preferences regarding how conspicuous you want your hearing aids to be. As a result, it is best to discuss your requirements with your audiologist, who will then be able to make a recommendation tailored to your specific circumstances.