Are you being haunted by a persistent ringing or buzzing sound? None of your friends or family can hear it, but it’s always there in your head. If this is the case, then you have tinnitus. The noises you hear are created internally thanks to a problem in your ears. Don’t fret, you can treat this condition in various ways!

Firstly, book an appointment with your audiologist right away. They’ll help treat your tinnitus by assessing the causes. The following treatments are the most widely advised when combatting the effects of tinnitus.

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are commonly associated with hearing loss, but they can be a very useful form of tinnitus treatment. Essentially, your audiologist will give you a hearing aid that has masking features built into it. This means it will block out the sound of your tinnitus, usually by amplifying the general noises around you. So, your mind no longer focuses on the ringing noise, which means you can live your life free from its torture!

Even if you don’t have hearing loss, hearing aids are used as a treatment option. It’s all about making your brain forget about the tinnitus by covering it up with other noises.

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT)

TRT operates on a similar level to hearing aid treatments in that the aim is to get you to stop noticing your tinnitus. The main issue with tinnitus is that you can’t stop focusing on the noise as soon as you notice it. With TRT, you’re given a device to wear that emits low-level white noise. It will divert your attention away from any ringing or buzzing, teaching you to ignore it.

The goal is to stop you feeling anxious about your tinnitus. Instead of noticing a ringing sound and being worried, your brain pushes it to the side and doesn’t even think about it. It’s an effective method, but it can take longer to see the desired results when compared to hearing aids.

Sound machines

Sound machines are primarily used for people who really struggle with tinnitus at home. Loads of people have this problem, but they only really notice it when they’re alone and everything is quiet. Commonly, this occurs at night time when you’re trying to sleep. So, an audiologist can give you a sound machine that plays different noises to help block out the sound of your tinnitus. Instead of being in total silence, you could have white noise, the sound of an ocean or just anything subtle that takes your mind off the tinnitus.

This is a popular treatment option for people who have mild or temporary tinnitus. It’s seen as a way to help them cope until the tinnitus goes away.

Hopefully, your tinnitus will gradually fade over time. But, it’s common for it to be a constant presence in your life – particularly if you suffer from hearing loss. The good news is, it can be treated using any of these techniques. So, remember to book an appointment with your audiologist, so you have access to these methods.