Hearing aids become a vital part of your day-to-day activities. That’s why it’s incredibly important to keep your hearing aids in optimal condition so that you get the most benefit from them, but not everyone understands when they’re actually broken or when they simply need repairs. To many people, as long as it’s producing sound and helping them hear, they don’t think twice about the possibility of their hearing aid being broken.

If you’re a hearing aid wearer, consider the following signs your devices might need repairs.

Is sound distorted?

If you’ve noticed that the sound is covered with a layer of static or if there’s more feedback than usual, there’s a good chance your hearing aid needs a repair. In some cases, distorted sounds can be caused by a faulty battery. If you change the battery and  there’s no change in sound quality, schedule an appointment to have your devices evaluated by your audiologist.

Poor quality of sound may also happen due to a fault in the settings. If you’re unsure how to change or reset to your default profile, then you’ll have to take them to your audiologist. Distortions can also happen due to faulty hardware, such as the speaker becoming damaged and can’t be repaired on your own.

Are your hearing aids not producing sound?

One of the most worrying faults is when your hearing aids stop producing sound altogether. There could be a number of causes for this. If you’re lucky, it might just need a replacement battery or charge. It could also be something small such as a blockage in the microphone or a setting being changed by accident.

However, if you’ve checked these potential issues and the hearing aid still isn’t making any sound, then you’ll need to get them repaired by your audiologist. If you’re not confident in changing the battery or making a couple of checks to see if your hearing aids can be fixed at home, then it’s best to take your hearing aids to an audiologist so that you don’t accidentally break them or worsen the damage.

Are your hearing aids too quiet?

Quiet hearing aids can often be fixed by changing the settings or giving your hearing aids a thorough cleaning. However, you may need to take them to your audiologist if they are clean and at the maximum volume, yet still produce minimal sound.

In general, if your hearing aids don’t perform as well as they did on the first day you had them, then they’ll likely need a little maintenance or checkup to ensure they’re working correctly. This does involve an appointment with your audiologist, so book as early as possible.