When it comes to your hearing aids, it’s important to take good care of the devices, especially as they can be easily damaged due to carelessness. With that being said, this guide should show you a few of the do’s and don'ts when it comes to hearing aid care.

Do Turn Off Your Devices Before Bed

The batteries for your hearing aids will only last for so long and so it’s important that you’re utilizing the times where you’re not using them. A perfect scenario for this is when you are going to bed as you’re not going to need them whilst sleeping. So with that being said, in order to conserve your battery power, switch off your devices before bed and that way, you should see a real difference in how long the hearing aid batteries last. It will save you the task of having to change the batteries so often too.

Do Keep Them Away from Moisture

Moisture can often be a problem when it comes to hearing aids, so it’s important to avoid moisture getting to the devices. Any devices that come into contact with moisture, should be put into a drying container that will dry out any moisture that has collected in the devices themselves. Getting rid of the moisture is going to ensure they last longer and that they’re not going to get severely damaged.

Make sure you keep them away from water and specifically from leaving them in the bathroom as that’s likely to cause damage if they’re not in a dry storage area.

Don’t Expose Them to Excessive Heat

Exposing them to excessive heat can be just as bad as exposing them to moisture. If you’re exposing them to heat, then it’s likely going to make the device warp and expand, potentially even damaging it to the point where it can’t be used again. So, with that being said, any scenario where you’re going to be out somewhere hot or you’re having your hair styled, take out the hearing aid devices, just to protect them.

Don’t Let Them Get Dirty

Hearing aid devices should be given the best care and attention of any device or equipment that you use when it comes to your body or daily life. You want to get plenty of value out of the devices, so don’t let them get dirty. If you allow them to get dirty, then that can cause sound issues and problems with the devices in general. Try to keep them clean as much as you possibly can because this will certainly help make them last for longer.

Hearing aid devices are important to look after and there’s going to be some things that can affect the quality of the device itself. With that being said, don’t let them get dirty or come into contact with moisture or excessive heat. Be sure to take caution with the battery and you’ll definitely help them to last longer.