Hearing Resources

It’s troubling to most people to learn that they have suffered some hearing loss. For many people, learning more about hearing loss and hearing aids provides the necessary information to help seek solutions. There’s more to evaluating hearing loss than just a physical exam. We at Berks Hearing Professionals hope these online resources will help you learn more about hearing loss, our practice and how we can help.

Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids

If you suspect you may have some hearing loss, you likely have a lot of questions about hearing aids. Do I need hearing aids? What tests are performed? What is the process to fit hearing aids? You’ll find answers to all of your questions in our Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids. Berks Hearing Professionals offers a free download of this informative guide for you to read at your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of a hearing loss raises some questions. What caused my hearing loss? Do I really have a hearing loss? What does a hearing exam involve? You’ll find the answers to these and many other common questions on our FAQ page. There’s also additional information about hearing care services, hearing aid products and accessories. If you have more specific questions, you’re welcome to call our Birdsboro office at 610-404-8025 or our Wyomissing office at 610-750-6107.

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Different Types of Hearing Loss

You may be surprised to learn that there are different types of hearing loss – conductive, sensorineural, mixed hearing loss and neural loss. Hearing loss can be mild to profound. In order to evaluate and treat any hearing loss you may have, it’s important for you to understand each type of hearing loss.

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Wells Fargo Health Advantage Credit Card

Berks Professional Hearing offers financing through Wells Fargo’s Health Advantage Credit Card. This card offers a number of financing options, providing you the flexibility to pay over time. You can apply online or at our Birdsboro or Wyomissing offices.

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Video Library

Do you have questions about how to clean your hearing aids? How to change a wax guard? Perhaps you want to review how to change your hearing aid’s battery. You’ll find this information and more in our video library. From hearing aid maintenance to hearing aid exams, comprehensive information is available in our library of online videos.

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