Untreated hearing loss can severely impact communication, making it difficult to understand what’s going on around you and interact with others. For this reason, many individuals with hearing loss withdraw from social situations and the things that they once enjoyed. When individuals withdraw, their cognitive health is impacted. Participating in conversation and social gatherings keeps the mind active. When participation is decreased, the mind is not as active. In addition, with untreated hearing loss the brain has to work harder to hear and understand. Researchers believe that this reduction of mental activity and strain on the brain can lead to cognitive decline and even dementia. Hearing aids allow us to be able to continue to engage with others, keeping us connected to the ones we love, thus improving quality of life. Hearing is an essential part to our overall health and wellness, and hearing aid use can keep our mental functions healthy for longer. Hearing aids don’t just improve hearing. If you or someone you know is experiencing hearing difficulty, talk to you audiologist about the treatment options available that will benefit you.