Hearing aids are defined as sound-amplifying devices designed to aid people who have a hearing impairment. The key word in the definition and in the term itself is “aid”. Contrary to popular belief, hearing aids do not completely correct or fix our hearing. Therefore, hearing aids alone may not be enough to completely compensate for hearing loss in every situation. This is where additional accessories can be beneficial. There are a variety of accessories to complement and enhance performance of hearing aids. TV adapters, phone adapters, and remote microphones are just a few of the many devices that can be used to maximize hearing aid benefit. TV adapters connect your TV wirelessly to your hearing aids for seamless transmission of sound. Phone adapters improve the connection from the phone to the hearing aids giving you the best quality and clarity of sound. Remote microphones are useful in lectures or in meetings, where they can transmit the speaker’s voice directly into the aids. They are also helpful in noisy environments such as restaurants, where they help focus on conversation. Whether difficulties remain while watching tv, talking on the phone, or in meetings or restaurants, there is a secondary device or feature out there to help. Talk with your audiologist today on what accessories are recommended for you.