The majority of individuals with hearing loss do not obtain hearing aids. There is an average span of 7 years from the time someone is diagnosed with hearing loss until the time they obtain amplification. We know that many factors affect the process of getting hearing aids such as denial/acceptance of the hearing loss, figuring out what professional to go to, cost, etc. But the sooner we are fit with hearing aids the better. This is because when we have hearing loss, the ears aren’t hearing signals well. This deprives the brain of all of the information it should be getting and can cause deterioration in the parts of the brain that are responsible for processing speech and language. When the signal isn’t reaching the brain like it should, those areas of the brain don’t need to work as hard or as often and they get lazy. When it’s time for them to go to work again, it’s more difficult to get them up and running. This translates to a decrease in speech understanding ability that we cannot get back. Wearing hearing aids can help to preserve that ability because we are stimulating the brain and keeping those areas that are important for understanding speech active.