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Hearing Health Blog

Even if you have a hearing issue, it's very easy to ignore it and it doesn't radically impact your everyday life. It's also easier sometimes to ignore the issue and pretend it doesn't exist; unfortunately, this leads to bigger issues further down the road. It's better to have a hearing test done early.  But what can you really learn from

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Hearing tests are a normal part of a regular health checkup, and it’s recommended that adults aged 25 and over should get their ears tested every three years. Whether you’re worried about your hearing, or you simply want to get a baseline hearing level to measure against in the future, a hearing test is simple and painless to book and

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If you are booked in for a hearing test , you may be feeling a bit nervous and overwhelmed by the whole process. This is natural. After all, we all feel a little bit anxious when doing something for the first time. However, there really is nothing to worry about. A hearing test will not take a lot of time,

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