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Hearing Health Blog

When people tend to need to start seeing a hearing health professional for hearing loss or damage, it is usually something that is attributed to their lifestyle or their working environment. Being exposed to loud noises over a period of time can have more of an impact on our hearing than we might think, and in many cases, we may

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Each year, millions of people experienced the effects of noise-induced hearing loss. This happens when you are exposed to excessive levels of noise, usually over a period of time. Once the structures of the ear and hearing are affected, they usually cannot be reversed. The good news is that this type of hearing loss can be prevented with the right

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You will probably be familiar with the silicone or foam earplugs that you can typically buy at most dollar stores. However, some are better than others in terms of comfort and fit, and it can be a long haul in getting to finding the best ones for you. This is because everyone’s ears are different, and everyone’s experience of sound

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