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Why You Should Have Your Hearing Aids Checked Regularly

Hearing aids are small, delicate devices with electronic components that are fit into you ear. The skin of the ear produces oil, wax, and can be susceptible to a build of a moisture. We are also exposed to elements on a daily basis - wind, rain, dust, etc. It is inevitable that dirt and debris will get inside the tiny cracks and crevices of the hearing aids, even if they look clean and are well taken care of. This dirt, debris, wax, and moisture builds up in/on the aids over time and contributes to parts wearing out. Having the aids cleaned routinely can lessen build up and prevent failure of components. It can extend the life of the devices dramatically. Hearing aids should to be cleaned and checked regularly to ensure optimal function. Audiologists have special equipment and replacement parts to appropriately service the devices. Not only that, it is important to have your aids checked on a regular basis because there may be performance updates that need to be done. These updates often optimize performance and ensure proper functioning of the devices as well. Remember - hearing healthcare is journey! Expect to see your audiologist several times after obtaining your hearing aids. This will ensure the best outcome for each individual patient. 


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