If you have hearing loss or any hearing-related condition, you will need the assistance of a qualified audiologist. They will be able to diagnose your condition, talk through your treatment options and help you when it comes to follow-up care as well. 
There are many audiologists that someone with hearing loss can choose from, but something that you should always bear in mind is the qualities that your ideal audiologist should possess. Read on to find out what the top qualities to look for in an audiologist are. 


The best kind of audiologist is one who has plenty of patience. There are many tests to be conducted to reach an accurate diagnosis of your hearing loss and to determine the specific type and severity of that hearing loss. Each test has to be undertaken carefully and thoughtfully to get to the conclusion and assist the audiologist with the diagnosis. If an audiologist doesn’t have any patience and they rush through the tests because of this, your diagnosis may not be an accurate one. 

Problem Solving Skills 

To be an effective audiologist, you need to have good problem-solving skills and this is another quality that you should be looking for when they are choosing the right audiologist for them. The tests mentioned above will provide the pointers and information needed to make a diagnosis, but the diagnosis itself must still be made; it’s a specialism that takes a lot of time and effort to consider. 
However, their problem-solving isn’t just about the diagnosis. There will also be questions about the type of treatment required, for example. Someone who just does the same thing over and over without thinking things through isn’t going to be overly helpful. 


When it comes to your hearing loss, you’re likely to have a lot of questions and maybe even be nervous about the situation. Finding an audiologist who is happy to answer those questions and help with your nerves by giving you all the information they can, using terms you’ll understand and not getting too technical or brusque will make a massive difference to your treatment and how you feel in general. It’s crucial that you are involved in your own health care, and good communication plays a major part in making that happen. 

Good Time Management 

Good time management might not seem to be the most important of qualities at first, but it certainly should be something to look out for. If your audiologist is consistently running over time, you’ll never be quite sure of when your appointment will begin and end and that can become difficult when you have a job, children to take care of or other responsibilities. Of course, even if you have an entire day to yourself and you’ve booked an appointment with an audiologist, you don’t want your appointments to start late and run long; it shows a level of unprofessionalism and can have a knock-on effect on your day.