Auditory training is training that helps improve listening skills and enhance speech understanding. It is a way to help facilitate communication with people and situations that are important to you. Auditory training trains the brain to help you recognize, understand, and interpret speech more easily with less effort in both quiet and in noise. It often comes in the form of computerized games designed to train the processes in the brain that play a role in listening. This type of training can be beneficial to individuals who wear hearing aids, individuals who have hearing loss but are not quite ready for hearing aids, and even individuals with normal hearing who experience difficulty. You might find yourself asking why would someone with hearing aids still need auditory training? While hearing aids do reduce listening problems, they can’t fully develop the cognitive skills necessary to comprehend conversation alone. Think about when you get a knee replacement. You get physical therapy to help train the knee to function to the best of its ability. Think of auditory training as physical therapy for the brain. And what about people with normal hearing? Doesn’t that mean that they can hear everything correctly? The simple answer is no. Just because someone has normal hearing does not necessarily mean they are as effective as they could be with interpreting speech. Whether you have hearing loss or your hearing is normal, if you still struggle to understand speech, auditory training may be of benefit. Talk to your audiologist today about what programs are available for you.