Hearing tests are a normal part of a regular health checkup, and it’s recommended that adults aged 25 and over should get their ears tested every three years. Whether you’re worried about your hearing, or you simply want to get a baseline hearing level to measure against in the future, a hearing test is simple and painless to book and conduct. But if this hasn’t convinced you already, remember hearing tests are good for your health, and here are four reasons to prove it! 

1. To catch any signs of hearing loss

Catching hearing loss before it becomes severe is the key idea in a hearing test. Even in younger people who haven’t had a hearing test since they were a kid, booking a regular hearing test is essential for catching signs of hearing loss. After all, music can now be played very loudly over headphones and that can affect your sound recognition from a younger age. 

Also, catching hearing loss early means treatment can be much more beneficial. Hearing aids can be fitted sooner, and you can adjust to them in much better time and really notice a difference. 

2. You’re always turning up the volume

If you’re someone who is always turning up the volume on radios and TVs, it’s a common sign that you may be experiencing hearing loss, even at a minute level. If you’ve noticed you’ve had to turn the volume up more than you used to a year or so ago, it’s a good idea to schedule a hearing test. 

3. To find your natural hearing level

A hearing test is also good for establishing a hearing baseline, no matter what age you are. This means you have something to compare future tests to and is a better way to reference whether or not you’re experiencing hearing loss. 

Of course, the older you are, the more important it is to know what your baseline hearing is, to ensure any fluctuations can be immediately spotted in future tests. If you’re aged 55 or over, make sure you attend hearing test appointments on a regular basis, to make sure you always get an accurate picture of your hearing level and whether or not you need a hearing aid. 

4. Hearing tests are simple and painless

A hearing test is a very simple and painless process to go through, which makes them easy to schedule and prepare for in your day-to-day life. An expert audiologist will always be on hand to guide you through the test; they’ll physically check your ears for abnormalities, and then perform audio tests to check both your sound and pitch recognition. All you have to do is wear headphones and listen out for the sounds being played!