If you’ve had the tests and the conversations with your audiologist, then you know that the approaching appointment with your audiologist can make you feel a little apprehensive. Hearing aids are a big deal – in a good way! You’ve spent so long being unable to connect with the world around you because you cannot hear what’s going on, and now you’ve had a test that has confirmed that you do, in fact, need a little more help than you thought. Your audiologist will be able to reassure you of your next steps, helping you to book in a hearing aid fitting that will see your hearing improved from the moment you get your new hearing devices. You must be full of questions, and here are the four most common questions asked about hearing aid fittings.

Why is a fitting so important?

Would you go and buy new glasses without having a professional make sure that you have the right fit for your face? Probably not. If your audiologist has given you a solid recommendation for hearing aids, it’s easy to assume that you can just put the hearing aids on and off you go. The problem is that this assumption could mean that you are wearing hearing aids that do not fit you very well at all. The thing is, your ears are as unique to you as your fingerprints, and one size does not fit all when it comes to your hearing aids. It can take some time to measure the function and ensure they fit you correctly.

What should I expect during a fitting?

Visiting an audiologist to have a hearing aid fitting will include the following:

  • An examination with an otoscope before hearing aid placement. This is to check there is no issue internally with wax.
  • The fit of the hearing aids you chose earlier will be checked, to ensure your absolute comfort.
  • Settings of the device will be adjusted to help you to hear at your maximum.
  • You will be taught to troubleshoot any issues that arise so that you can learn to take care of your hearing aids.

How long is the appointment to fit my new hearing aids?

All appointments differ, but you should expect to be in with your audiologist for at least an hour. This is because a thorough job is necessary to help you to get the very best out of your hearing aids. Don't feel limited to this timeframe, though, because if you have questions that you need answering, you need to ask them now.

Can my audiologist show me how to care for my hearing aids?

Yes! One of the biggest benefits for a hearing aid fitting is that you’ll be taught exactly how to care for your hearing aids, from cleaning to settings adjustment. You’ll also be shown how to insert them into your ear and take them back out again.

It’s one of the most important appointments that you could have for your hearing health – don’t miss it!