April 19, 2015

Specialized Hearing Services

Auditory Processing Evaluations

Our audiologists assess children experiencing learning and/or language difficulties for which auditory processing disorder is questioned as a contributing factor to these difficulties.

Auditory Processing Treatment Strategies

We work with parents, schools and therapists to determine the best treatment strategies available for patients with auditory processing disorder.

Pediatric Hearing Aid Dispensing

We offer full audiology exams and hearing aid services to pediatric patients beginning at birth. We are also currently durable medical providers for Keystone Mercy Health Plan. You can expect to find a warm caring office that treats you and your child with the attention you deserve.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Counseling

More than 50 million Americans suffer from ringing in the ears, otherwise known as tinnitus. Although tinnitus may derive from a number of possible causes, hearing loss must always be ruled out. Our Audiologists are up to date on the latest treatment strategies and can spend the time with you to discuss all of your options.

Industrial Hearing Conservation Programs

Our audiologists provide OSHA-required hearing conservation, testing to a number of local businesses. All records are kept in office. Convenient and flexible office hours allow workers to visit before their shift begins.

Custom Hearing Protection

Berks Hearing Professionals provides custom molded earplugs for swimming as well as for hearing protection. We contract with the leading providers of hearing protection as well as in-ear monitors for musicians. These specialized musician’s hearing protections offers a flat attenuation across all of the frequencies, so the integrity of the music remains at a safer listening level.

Cerumen Management

Our audiologists have undergone specialized training in the management and removal of cerumen (earwax) from the ear canal.