April 18, 2014

Hearing Aid Services

Our goal is to improve our patient’s quality of life through improved hearing and communication.  We work with a variety of manufacturers to find hearing aids and assistive listening devices for your lifestyle. All hearing aids that we fit include our Complete Hearing Healthcare service agreement, ensuring your hearing aids are working to their full potential.

Fitting and Verification of Devices from Most Major Manufacturers

Berks Hearing Professionals is owned and operated by audiologists, allowing us the opportunity to work with a wide variety of hearing aid manufacturers.  Our audiologists stay on the cutting edge of hearing aid technology to ensure we are offering our patients the best hearing aids available.

All Make Repair Services

We offer in-house and manufacturer hearing aid repair services for most makes and models.  We also have a limited supply of loaner devices available if your hearing aid is sent to the manufacturer for repair.

Professional Reprogramming of Devices from Major Manufacturers

We can reprogram most digital devices if your hearing has changed over the years. We also use sound field and real ear verification measures to ensure that our changes are accurate.

Provider of Assistive Listening Devices and FM systems

Hearing aids may not be as effective in some environments and assistive listening devices may be necessary. Assistive listening devices include amplified phones, alarm clocks, door bell or emergency notifiers, TV Ears, and Bluetooth connections to a number of different personal electronic devices. FM systems are a wonderful technology that works with your hearing aid and can wirelessly connect you to a distant speaker.